R3000 Li-Ion Battery Pack

Name:Replacement R3000 Battery 4400mAh 8cell


Rated Capacity:4400mAh

This Battery Fit Models :

Compaq Presario, R3000 series, Compaq nx 9110 Series, HP Pavilion zx5000 series, zv5000 zx6000 zd8000 series

Replacement Part No :

346970-001, 346971-001, 350836-001, 371913-001, 371914-001, 371915-001, 371916-001, 374762-001, 378858-001, 380443-001, 383963-001, 383965-001, 383966-001, 383968-001, 846970-001, 846971-001, DP390A, DP399A, HSTNN-DB02, HSTNN-DB03, HSTNN-DB04, HSTNN-DB14, HSTNN-IB03, HSTNN-IB04, HSTNN-IB14, HSTNN-Q08C, HSTNN-UB02, PP2200, PP2210


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