LG Chem to Supply 90%-Nickel NCMA Cathode Materials to Tesla

By Jung Min-hee    May 20, 2021

LG Chem will supply NCMA (nickel, cobalt, manganese, aluminum) cathode materials for electric vehicle batteries to Tesla in July. This marks the company’s first commercial production of NCMA cathode materials.

The NCMA cathode materials’ nickel content is 90 percent. They will be used for cylindrical batteries that LG Energy Solution supplies to Tesla’s SUV Model Y.

LG Energy Solution originally planned to use L&F’s NCMA cathode materials for the Model Y and LC Chem’s NCMA cathode materials for GM’s pickup truck Hammer. However, it changed the plan as LG Chem has successfully developed NCMA cathode materials that have the same nickel content as L&F products.

LG Chem reduced the cobalt content of its NCMA cathode materials to around 5 percent. Cobalt boosts battery safety. The company enhanced battery safety by adding aluminum while reducing expensive cobalt.

LG Energy Solution is currently developing technologies and conducting performance tests to apply NCMA batteries to electric vehicles.

LG Chem is planning to supply NCMA cathode materials for GM Hammer as well in September. The company is applying 85-percent-nickel NCMA cathode materials to Tesla’s pouch batteries after its cylindrical batteries. It was the first time that NCMA cathode materials with nickel content of over 80 percent has been applied to pouch batteries. Pouch batteries require high-level cathode material technology as they have high energy density but weak safety.

Quelle:LG Chem to Supply 90%-Nickel NCMA Cathode Materials to Tesla – Businesskorea