Gogoro’s energy network platform has made significant progress and is working with YAMAHA, Hongjiateng and PGO locomotives


Create a logistics green era, Taiwan DHL International Express and China Post Response Gogoro

In response to the needs of the commercial market, Gogoro launched the commercial vehicle Gogoro 2 Utility in August of this year and officially entered the B2B market.

Gogoro announced today that it has built a green logistics fleet together with Taiwan DHL International Express. Gogoro also responded to the government’s policy to reduce fuel locomotives year after year and to purchase electric locomotives and announced the launch of a postal vehicle project to build an electric motor vehicle that meets the postal features of the Taiwanese postal service and participates in the public procurement operation of Chunghwa Post.

Huang Yongjun, General Manager of DHL International Express Taiwan, said that creating a sustainable environment and reducing CO2 emissions is DHL’s most important mission. As a green logistics label company, DHL actively promotes various environmental solutions and services in Taiwan, this time the Gogoro electric motor was added to the Taiwanese vessel fleet, which symbolizes that the goal of zero carbon emissions in 2050 is a step further.

After YAMAHA, become a member of the two partners of Hongjiateng and PGO.

Hongjiateng and PGO will develop, manufacture and sell electric motor vehicles based on Gogoro’s electronic control system, smart battery and battery change system, including Hongjiateng, which expects to launch the first electric car in the summer of 2019 and PGO plans to introduce 2019 . Launched in the second half.

Hong Jiateng CEO Lin Dongyu said that Hongjiateng celebrates its 20-year anniversary since its inception in 1998, insisting on the use of technology and speed to create maximum value for customers. The electric car is the future trend and will contact Gogoro in February 2016 to discuss the possibility of cooperation between the two parties and hopes to build a car with the soul of Hongjiateng and Gogoro. To solve the problem of the power exchange the consumer cares about, the new electric car from Hongjiateng also uses the smart battery from Gogoro and the GoStation to replace the power station, allowing the owner to easily replace the battery.

Li Rongyi, assistant to PGO Research Center, pointed out that driving pleasure with a stronger emotional bond with customers is the brand value that PGO believes The Gogoro Energy Network’s battery change system is chosen to coincide with its brand spirit. Through a handy battery exchange system, PGO hopes to create the most enjoyable electric car, offering consumers a new option for simple and stylish electric cars.

Minister of Economic Affairs Shen Rongjin today also presented the press conference of Gogoro for its platform and said that the government has promoted the development of the electric car industry since 2006. There are more than 40,000 results. He analyzed that Gogoro’s dynamic performance is consistent with the behavioral patterns and feelings of Taiwanese owners, and the innovative operating model now allows Gogoro to perform.