The sale of Gogoro in September exceeded 10,000 units for the first time and 100,000 car owners paid battery costs.


Gogoro sold fiercely during the summer holidays After the student’s school season started in September, the orders were more prosperous: in September 2018 the total order for individual orders exceeded 10,000 units and the market share reached 9.25%. Refreshing the company’s previous sales record and achieving great successes on the total locomotive market is decreasing.

▲ Statistics on the number of locomotives in each brand from January to August in 2018 show that Gogoro City continues to grow. (Source: Communications Statistics Inquiry Network)

Chen Yanyang, Gogoro’s senior marketing director, said that in the near future, many excellent partners have joined and supported in various areas, including international manufacturers, government units, channel partners and authorized dealers in different provinces and cities, so that Gogoro can not only satisfy consumers quickly . For the demand for driving and offering sales and repair services throughout Taiwan, the rapid expansion of the service card has become the key to the continuous improvement of Gogoro’s car sales.

Gogoro will welcome the 100,000th car owner

As Gogoro’s car sales continue to reach new heights, it is expected that this month will usher in the 100,000th owner. To welcome the arrival of the 100,000th car owner, Gogoro now launches a new car owner “Battery Service Fee 0 Yuan Pumping”: consumers buying cars from Gogoro between 10/01 and 11/30, in addition to 2,000 yuan. the discount on accessories, the official 10 car owners will take, in total 40, on every Monday (10/15, 10/29, 11/12, 11/26), and give a battery-free service fee of 10 months; Each car is limited to one prize, but the winners can repeat the lottery, in other words: the earlier the car is purchased, the greater the chance of winning. In addition, the largest prize is awarded in December – longevity-free service costs for life are paid for by a happy new car owner.

(Source: Gogoro)